Plymouth Color Logo2014Plymouth Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson gave members of the Board of Public Works and Safety an update on projects during their meeting Monday night.

Contracts have been signed for the Plymouth Goshen Trail water main extension project and the notice to proceed was given for September 7th.

Another project Davidson has been coordinating is the removal of two homes at 805 and 809 West Harrison Street.  The homes have been removed but Jackson Services still has some work yet to complete.

The final project update is for the major construction project at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The contracts have been signed with Kokosing Industrial.  They are currently digging footings for a new building and installing conduit.

Plymouth Fire Chief Rod Miller was given approval to apply for an IPEP Safety Foundation grant for safety equipment.  He wants to purchase a new powered cot load.  The chief said he has a new ambulance in the budget for next year and would apply for the grant to get a powered cot load for the ambulance.

The grant is an 80/20 match, due October 31st with awards announced in late January 2017.  Miller said the city would be saving about $30,000 if successful with the grant application and the city’s share would be approximately $8,000.