PlymouthLions_Rodney Jacobs and Douglas GehrkeDouglas Gehrke and Rodney Jacobs from Ameriprise Financial and the Paladin Legacy Advisory Group presented an outstanding overview of what they can offer their clients and why their financial services are different from other financial advisors.  Gehrke opened with two interesting statistics from both sides of the spectrum.  According to the Associated Press 56% of Americans could not cover $1000 in emergency cash if needed.  At the other end of the spectrum, there are 10 million people in the United States that have one million dollars and this is excluding their homes.  Gehrke explained that at Ameriprise Financial they work with all phases of life.  There service is unique and not offered anywhere else.  Owner Rodney Jacobs added and asked the question, what is your passion when you retire….Amerprise can help.  He added that people need to know the rules in order to put more money in their pocket….they can assist with the tax questions as well.  At Ameriprise they want to help you stay on your path to financial confidence with their wide range of offerings such as financial planning, investments, cash, cards & lending, insurance & annuities, even personal trust services.  Ameriprise National Trust Bank provides professional fiduciary services to help ensure the legacy you desire is carried out according to your wishes.  They exist to help shape financial solutions for a lifetime through a comprehensive and personalized financial planning approach built on a long term relationship with a knowledgeable advisor.  For more information call Ameriprise Financial at 547-936-2571.

In other business, the Plymouth Lions Club discussed the Blueberry Schedule and will be serving Blueberry Pancakes and sausage all day long this year along with Hot Dogs, chips, coffee, juice, and cold drinks beginning at 5pm on Friday Evening and continuing until Monday late afternoon Labor Day.  Stop in for pancakes and say hello to our Lions team at the Festival.  It’s fundraisers like this that allow us to provide services to those in need in our community.  According to the new Lions International President, there are new mountains to climb.  As our world continues to change, each of us face new challenges which are new opportunities to serve and help others.  Whether it be blindness, or other health risks, lack of food, lack of clean water, or war and civil unrest, all represent challenges for countless people around the world, and they represent opportunities for Lions as we work to make the world a better place.  Lions must continue to climb upward, finding new ways to serve.  Every mountain provides each of us a chance to make the world better for another person.  If you or anyone you know would like to become a part of the Plymouth Lions Club, please contact any Lions club member.