Blueberry_Round-Color-LogoThe 50th Annual Marshall County Blueberry Festival event guide is hot off the press and available at many locations around the county including most of the banks and many of the restaurants.

Grab a copy because everything you need to know is in this 30 page program.

There are several new events this year to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Blueberry Festival.

The Big Idaho Potato Truck is on its fifth cross-country journey! It began in 2012 as a one-year campaign to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Idaho Potato Commission and quickly became a big piece of pop-culture.  Have your picture taken with a 6 ton potato.

Families will enjoy the Granpa Cratchet touring production.  The slapstick humor, wit and charm of the characters bring good old-fashioned values alive.

On Sunday, September 4th an exhibit honoring Pearl Harbor Survivors through the American Eagle Foundation will be at the festival.  Marshall County fair-goers can stop by the 75th tribute exhibit.

The 1st annual Blueberry Festival Shuffleboard Tournament will be held on Saturday and Hoosier Racing Tire is sponsoring a hands-on interactive event with FAME.  There will be RC racing, a simulator and the tire change challenge.

Another thrilling show that’s new this year to the Blueberry Festival is the Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show.  With performances all four days visitors will enjoy log rolling, chopping, sawing, axe throwing, tree climbing and more.

The Marshall County Blueberry Festival is held primarily in Centennial Park in Plymouth on September 2nd through the 5th.