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The mayor’s proposed salary ordinance for 2017 did not pass on second reading Monday night by the Common Council.


Councilman Mike Delp motioned to approve the budget and when it didn’t receive a second, councilman Jeff Houin seconded the motion to bring the ordinance to the table for discussion and consideration.


During the discussion Houin said he had concerns with the new title for the mayor’s assistant, called Promotion of the City Coordinator. The change will require attendance of several night meetings and events and Houin was concerned of additional over time hours the additional duties may generate.


Mayor Senter assured members the position would primarily be the 40 hours a week with an occasional hour or two of overtime but not on a regular basis. The coordinator would adjust their office hours to compensate for evening meetings and events.


Councilman Duane Culp questioned the City Clerk on the proposed raises in her office noting that some are more than the recommended $1,000 increase for full time employees. Culp said he was voting on the ordinance that was an across the board raise of $1,000 for full time employees and $500 for part time employees.


The clerk said she has three different salaries and all of her girls in her office and they all do multiple jobs and work very had. She proposed additional raises for three of her staff members.


There was also a quick discussion on the pool directors pay for 2017. The mayor is proposing the position as hourly instead of salary as it currently is.


Councilmen Gary Cook, Don Ecker, and Duane Culp and councilwoman Shiloh Fonseca voted against the 2015 salary ordinance.


The mayor will bring back a revised ordinance at the next meeting.