absenteeMarshall County Clerk, Deb VanDerMark told members of the Election Board that absentee voting well surpassed the presidential primary in 2012.  A total of 742 votes were cast absentee in 2012 and after counting the ballots on Monday the election board had a total of 1960 ballots. 1167 people voted in the Marshall County Clerk’s Office while 313 mailed in their votes, 229 voted using the travel board and 149 voted at the satellite location in Bremen and 108 at the Culver Town Hall.

Campaign Finance Reports were back on the agenda of the County Election Board meeting Monday.  At last week’s meeting the names of the 7 Republican candidates who filed their reports late were released but the report did not include details for the democrats.   At yesterday’s meeting it was reported that the Marshall County Democratic party failed to file their report on the due date but did get it in one day before the extension deadline.

The Election Board also spoke with Republican candidate John Grolich who is running for County Coroner.  He filed his financial report early.  Two days after filing he received a large donation and failed to file a supplemental report within the required 48 hour period.

Grolich said, “I apologize and I accept full responsibility.”  He indicated that he was caught off guard and didn’t realize large donations are required to be reported immediately.

The county election board unanimously voted to waive the penalty.

Board member Rick Huff said, “As we said at during last week’s meeting, we are going to impose some kind of penalty next time.  I think part of the issue is sloppiness, being uninformed or just not knowing.”