UnitedWay2015 Top GiversThursday at noon United Way of Marshall County conducted the 2015 Campaign Celebration at the Plymouth Community Church.

While lunch was served, Tom Blackburn, President of United Way of Marshall County welcomed the room full of invited guests and welcomed new board members, Steven Boyer, Tammy Boys and Loretta Schmitd.  He also thanked retiring board members Amy Morris Dodson, Francis Ellert, Allison Kara and Cindy Rash.

While the 2015 campaign only met 80% of the goal they were able to fund 80% of the request by agencies which were at least equal to their 2014 funding.  Requests from the 23 member agencies were $355,145.  The total allocations were $278,737.

Recognition was given to several main givers.  The top Faculty and Staff giving per capita was presented to the Plymouth Community School Corporation while the Morrow Insurance Agency received the award for the top Professional giver per capita.  Top Commercial giver was Mid City Supply and U.S. Granules Corporation was the top Small Industry giver while American Container was the top Large Industry giver.  The number one giver per capita was the Morrow Insurance Agency.

UnitedWay2015 LuncheonThe top ten company campaigns were 10.  Culver Educational Foundation,  9. United Parcel Service, 8. Pregis Innovative Packaging, 7. Oliver Ford Lincoln, 6. Plymouth Foundry, 5. American Container, 4. Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center, 3. Plymouth Community School Corporation, 2. Nishikawa Cooper LLC, and the number one top campaign giver was U.S. Granules.