absentee_votingAbsentee voter turnout for the May primary is “really good” according the Marshall County Clerk Treasurer Deb VanDeMark.

During Tuesday’s Election Board meeting VanDeMark told members Rick Huff and Sean Surrisi that as of that morning they had 133 travel board votes, 217 mail ins, 534 walk-in in the Clerk’s office and 44 people in Bremen voted last Saturday while 19 voted in Culver for a total of 947 absentee votes.  Looking at the 2012 presidential primary there were a total of 742 absentee votes.

In other news the Clerk said she’s had trouble getting people to work the poles and asked the election board to consider allowing high school students to assist.  According to state statue high school students may work as long as they have parental approval, a principal recommendation and a unanimous decision by the election board.

Two students from Bremen have met the qualifications and will be working the polling site in Bremen next Tuesday.