County News_logoJim and Art Woolington appeared before the Marshall County Drainage Board Monday seeking some type of relief from water that is running on to the senior Woolington’s property on 10B Road.

Jim, speaking on behalf of his father said his father has owned the property on 10B Road since 1946 and for many years maintained a private drain to move water off his ground.  In 1997 additional development added more water to the drainage that feeds into DNR property.  That additional water is running across the Woolington land.

In 2009 a request to reconstruct the Henry York Drain was proposed and denied by the County Drainage Board due to the fact that several property owners in the watershed were against funding the project.  The board did put the drain on a maintenance assessment of $3.50 per acre with a $5 minimum.

Jim Woolington wondered what the Drainage Board plans to do with the maintenance funds they are collection.

County Surveyor Larry Fisher noted that repairs to the York Drain have caused the fund to be in the red $167.00.  He also said the annual maintenance collection is only $2,800 and reconstruction projects are an additional assessment to the property owners in the watershed.

Arthur Woolington was not happy with the drainage board’s decision to not do anything at this time and threatened legal action.