JobShadow_1On April 13, Plymouth Community School Corporation schools participated in an all-day, job shadowing event to help more than 30 Future Teachers of America FTA Plymouth High School members get an inside view of the daily realities of being a teacher.

JobShadow_2Suzette Read, the PHS FTA club sponsor said the annual field trip has been going on for the past 13-years, the entire time she has taught science at Plymouth High School. She said, “The field trip is meant to give students who are interested in education as a profession, the opportunity to experience what it is like to be a teacher for the day.”

JobShadow_3Many of the students said they believe this experience could eventually make or break their decision to pursue a college degree in education.

JobShadow_4“Most students really look forward to this day,” said Reed. Students spent the entire school day paired up in their favorite teachers’ classrooms.

JobShadow_5Reed said, “Today we have students at every on of our PCSC School and two of our students are at St. Michael’s here in Plymouth.”

JobShadow_6By day’s end, after seeing a true representation of what it’s really like to teach a classroom and at the same time manage students and behavior, several students set on a career path to teach said it did not changed their resolve to become teachers.

JobShadow_7Future Teachers of America was first established in 1937. According to the organization’s website: The goal of the FTA is to interest good students in becoming teachers, administrators, and/or entering other related fields.

JobShadow_8To read more about FTA visit:

JobShadow_9PTV students, Hunter Smith of Culver Community High School and Brenden Damron of Triton High School captured these images today as they caught up with some of the students at Lincoln Jr. High School and at PHS.




PHS 1 & 2: Colin Burkins with PE teacher Ms. Rebekah Legan

LJHS 1: Maggie Nate and Kenzie Quissell with Mr. Jacob Singleton

LJHS 2: Maggie Nate with Mrs. Amy Walker

LJHS 3 & 4: Emma Frantz with Mr. Riley Hereen

LJHS 5 & 6: Lindsey Stiles with Mrs. Megan Ahlquist

LJHS 7: Maggie Nate and Kenzie Quissell with Mrs. Amy Walker and Mr. Jacob Singleton