Triton_DARE_1_2016Triton Elementary School held their fifth grade DARE graduation on Tuesday, April 12th.  All 70 students received certificates to show they completed the learning activities of the program and pledged to lead “drug-free” lives.

Triton_DARE_2_2016Brooklyn Wilhite was the overall winner from Triton elementary and will represent her school at the county DARE banquet in May.



Pictured are the essay winners from each of the fifth grade classrooms: Mrs. Brosman’s class – Ashlyn Hurt;  Mrs. Hanby’s class – Brooklyn Wilhite; Ms. Hostrawser’s class – Tyler Gladieux


Pictured is the overall Triton winner, Brooklyn Wilhite with Officer Matt Haskins from the Bourbon Police Department/ DARE Officer and Triton Elementary School Principal, Jeremy Riffle.