Argos Schools signArgos Jr.­ Sr. High School welcomes the Class of 2022 by hosting a meeting for parents and students on Tuesday, April 12th at 6:30 PM in the Argos Jr.­ Sr. High School Auditorium.

Mrs. Judy Delp, Guidance Counselor for grades 7-­12, will give an overview of important aspects of junior high life at Argos including both the “structure” and the “heart” of the school.

On the “structure” side of the Argos Junior High School experience: schedule times, schedule offerings, grading guidelines, activity period programming, study tables, assignment books, attendance & discipline guidelines, Jr. High Rewards Trip criteria, technology, sports & club options will be discussed as well as career exploration progression and the state graduation plan will be explained.

On the “heart” side of the Argos Junior High School experience, families will learn more about how a traditional environment like Argos can offer a secure and happy educational experience for each student.

The essence of Argos Schools is each student is special and has an important role to play in the school community and it is a place that everyone does truly know your name – the first day.