HEartlandArtist_Plymouth Schools2016Last week the Heartland Artists Gallery acknowledged St. Michael Catholic School and Plymouth Community Schools for their continued emphasis in keeping the arts in their students’ curriculum.

Instead of removing art as some school systems have chosen to do, they have combined it with other subjects to add a creative aspect to learning.

Heartland Artist Gallery is proud to encourage, invest and support the arts in Marshall County, and to be involved in National Youth Art Month each year by displaying area students’ artwork.

HeartlandArtist_StMichae2016The National Youth Art Month Program was founded in 1961 for the purpose of emphasizing the value of art education for all children, and for supporting quality school art programs. Youth Art Month exists to: – recognize art education as an important element in a student’s total education – recognize art is a necessity for the full development of a life of quality – to emphasize the value of art education in critical thinking – to stimulate and expand new art programs – to encourage commitment to the arts by students, community organizations and individuals everywhere.

HeartlandArtist_Ply Schools 2016The Heartland Artist Gallery is also giving a wonderful children’s book “H” is for Hoosier to St. Michael Catholic School, Jefferson, Menominee, Washington and Webster Elementary Schools as another way to say ‘thank you’ for allowing the Gallery to show their students’ creative and colorful art this month.  The book is illustrated by a local artist, Bruce Langton. Bruce was the Featured Artist at the Gallery last August.



Photo 1)Recognition to Plymouth Community Schools – Lincoln Jr, High and Plymouth High School. (left to right)  Jayne Jacobson, President of Heartland Artists Gallery, Faith Colling and Halley Church, art teachers at Plymouth High School and Mike Wenino, art teacher at Lincoln Jr. High.

Photo 2) Recognition to St. Michael Catholic School on Thursday, (left to right) Ed Pullen, board member at Heartland, Mary Szymusiak, art teacher, Amy Weidner, principal and Rev. John S. Korcsmar, C.S.C. of St. MIchael Catholic School and Carrolyne Babcock, curator and Jayne Jacobson, president of Heartland Artist Gallery.

Photo 3) Recognition to Plymouth Community Schools – Webster, Menominee, Washington and Jefferson Elementary Schools. (left to right) Nancy Haberland; Heartland Board Member, Diane Lawson; Art Teacher, Elyse Chudzynski; Art Teacher, Dan Tyree; Superintendent at PCSC, Larry Pinkerton; PCSC Board Member and Jayne Jacobson; President of Heartland Artists Gallery, Derek Eveland not pictured

Photo 4) Halley Church, Art Teacher at Plymouth High School is carrying put the largest sculpture of the Youth Art Show, a creative life-size guitar made with popsicle sticks by Sharon Oviedo at the high school.