County News_logoForester, Bruce Wakeland was given approval for a timber sale at the Mill Pond forest during Monday’s commissioner meeting.

The sale will be a red oak sale with 65 trees and an estimated value of $12,000 to $14,000.  He anticipates it being a summer logging.

Wakeland and the RCD have volunteered for 29 years to manage both the Mill Pond Forest and the Memorial Forest.   He discussed the improvement they have seen in the amount of board footage of timber.

Wakeland also told the commissioners that the Bush Honeysuckle at the Mill Pond site must be eradicated before the timber sale.  The extremely invasive plant has a tendency to take over and he said, “once the trees are removed and the additional sunlight gets to the ground the Bush Honeysuckle will grow like wild.”

He estimated the cost to treat the invasive plant at $2,440 and the commissioners approved the project.