PrintThe Plymouth High School Speech Team finished 2nd in the State in class AA competition on Saturday. Facing off against the 90 best teams in the State in all three classes, the only AA team to total more points than PHS was the overall champion regardless of class – Munster.

Finalists for PHS included Meghan Egierski and James Doody who finished 2nd in the state in Scripted Duo as well as Trevor Pletcher and Lexi Ramirez who finished 3rd in the same event.  All four earned 1st Team All-State Honors.

Semi-finalists – finishing between 7th and 12th in the state – were Meghan Egierski (Humor), Garrett Garver (USA Extemp), Vanessa Valdez and Alejandra Diaz (Original Performance), Lexi Ramirez (Prose), as well as Emily McKenzie and Levi Crawford (Scripted Duo).

Quarter-finalists – finishing between 13th and 24th in the state – were Bridget Schafer (Declamation and Humor), Morgan Espich (Declamation), Jillian Smith (Drama and Original Oratory), Elizabeth Polstra (Drama), Josie Edwards (Drama), Garrett Garver (Impromptu), Emory Smith (International Extemp), Yailin Rodriguez (Poetry), Elizabeth Szalay (Prose), Rylee Tostevin (Prose), Katy Smith and Andrew Haines (Memorized Duo), as well as Yailin Rodriguez and Elizabeth Polstra (Memorized Duo).

Other state finalists included Elizabeth Mendez, Diana Baca, Jada Anglin, Jack Garner, Samantha Zechiel, Mia Arroyo, and Peem Gastel.  State alternates traveling with the team included Grace Allmon, Olyvia Clark, and Trent McKenzie.  Congratulations to all individuals who represented PHS at Fishers over the weekend