County News_logoMembers of the Marshall County Council approved adding a new position in the Emergency Management Agency during their meeting on Monday.

EMA Director Clyde Avery was not available for the meeting so Tori Stull, the county’s HR Director said, “With the support of the commissioners, Clyde is requesting a new position be established for a deputy EMA Director.  This position will serve as security for this building and be able to step in and assist Clyde or act in his absence as the EMA Director.”

The new Deputy Director position would be eligible for the salary and benefit grant reimbursement from the state, up to 50% as long as all the requirements are met.

The county’s personnel committee recommended approval of the job description and the county’s HR consultants recommended a salary range $37,327 to $39,489.

Commissioner Deb Griewank said, “This was brought to our attention because of the security of this building, which we do not have any other than across the street when needed they come.”  She continued, “As commissioners were are totally responsible for the people in the building.”

Griewank explained, by state statue they are not allowed to have an officer that is employed through the sheriff’s department be security in the building because there is no court in the building.

The Homeland Security grant cannot be applied until 2017.

The county council gave their blessing to the idea of security for the County Building although there were concerns that will need to be addressed prior to creating a line in the 2017 budget to fund the new position.  Details on uniform, hours, weapons, use of force, and more were brought forth for further consideration.

Councilman Jon VanVactor was the only one to vote against the idea stating, “I think it should come under the sheriff so they are all operating on the same page.”