Mishler_2013State Senator Ryan Mishler (R-Bremen) made the following state Thursday evening regarding the conclusion of the 2016 legislative session and the passage of several noteworthy bills.

“This session, the Indiana General Assembly passed several important measures for the state of Indiana. Specifically, lawmakers have worked hard during this short session to address road funding and our schools.”

Mishler said, “To address the issue of road funding, lawmakers passed House Enrolled Act 1001 and Senate Enrolled Act 67. These two bills will work in conjunction with one another to provide $1 billion in new state and local road funding over the next two years without raising taxes or creating new debt.”

“Another initiative I sponsored was House Enrolled Act 1002, which could award a student in the top 20 percent of a graduating class $7,500 dollars in scholarship money. In return, these students would have to teach in Indiana for a minimum of five years,” Mishler said.

In closing the senator commented, “Lastly, due to problems with the 2015 ISTEP test, the legislature took immediate action by passing  Senate Enrolled Act 200 and House Enrolled Act 1003 to prevent the test scores from negatively impacting schools and teachers. These bills were necessary for the state of Indiana and the right thing to do for teachers, students and schools.”