StoneCreekHomes_logoJurors in the trial of former CEO of Stone Creek Homes, Inc., David Ferguson, will likely begin deliberation on Thursday. Ferguson faces 14 charges including nine Theft (D felonies), one count of receiving stolen property, (C felony), one count of Conspiracy to Commit Receiving Stolen Property (C felony), and three counts of Corrupt Business Influence (C felonies).

MugShot_Ferguson David AllenOn the second day of the trial the State and Defense Attorney, Michael Tuszynski, rested their cases. Ferguson himself chose not to testify and the defense did not call any witnesses.

Witnesses for the State included Jeff Jones of Plymouth and Todd Morse of Fargo, North Dakota. Both said they had wire transferred funds to Stone Creek Homes as down payments for housing units commonly called “man caves”. Jones said he wired funds in the amounts of $78,426;  $74,385, and $74,385 on three separate occasions. Morse said he wired funds amounting to a total of $233,000 in two separate transactions. Both also testified that they never received any units.

Jones intended to purchase the units and resell them to those seeking housing in connection with work in oil field projects. Morse was going to add the units to his existing motel to also house those working on projects related to the oil fields.

Also testifying for the State were three former Stone Creek, salaried  employees who did not receive pay for the last 5-6 days that they worked . Additionally, all three had deductions taken from their May payroll checks for health insurance premiums that were never paid to the company’s group insurance policy.

Stone Creek Homes, Inc. in both Plymouth and Nebraska closed without warning to employees on May 24, 2012.

Superior Court Judge Robert Bowen dismissed the jurors about 2:00 P.M. on Wednesday. He advised them that both the State and the Defense would have closing statements on Thursday beginning at 9:00 A.M. and he would then give instructions for deliberation.