City HallWednesday evening Mayor Mark Senter told members of the Downtown Revitalization  Committee that the first meeting of the new city hall committee will be held Monday.  The 12 person committee is made up of several city department heads, a couple council members and downtown business owner Gary Treat who offered his services during the meeting.

Senter said, “I would like to stay where we are and revitalize and refurbish the building adding an elevator and using the upstairs more rather than relocating.”   He also said there has been interest in acquiring the Chamber building next door for additional space.

The Mayor said the Police Department and Fire Department buildings also have issues and are older than people think and will need to be addresses sooner than later.

Gary Treat told the mayor, “We need you downtown.”  He also suggested building a new police department on the parking lot area south of the department.  He noted that there is also space around the fire station to expand id capacity is the issue.

Revitalization member Dave Morrow said if the decision was to move, it would probably be out around Pioneer Drive.  Mayor Senter said he intends to keep everything centrally located in the downtown.

Mayor Senter said he has contacted the 121 mayors in the state and asked those who have done major improvements to their city hall to share how they accomplished the project.