County News_logoAlthough Marshall County Attorney, Jim Clevenger has been working to draft several new ordinances; including those for curfew, noise and smoking, it’s not clear if they will receive commission approval.

During this week’s commissioner meeting Clevenger said he had several ordinances ready for approval but needed input for fines.

Marshall County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said, “I’m going to have to think about some of these.  I’m not sure instituting more laws is the right thing to do and I’m not sure I can go along with the noise, curfew and smoking ones.”  Overmyer said he felt the parents should be responsible for where their kids are and how late they are out.

Overmyer questioned the need for the proposed ordinances and said having so many exemptions would make it harder to enforce.

Marshall County Sheriff Matt Hassel noted that the curfew ordinance in Bremen had reduced the criminal mischief complaints while he was the police chief.

Clevenger asked for thoughts on fines and the commissioners seemed supportive of a $25 fine for the first violation and a $100 fine for the second violation. The ordinance will be presented at a future meeting for official action.