County News_logoThe Marshall County Commissioners took the recommendation of representatives from Gibson Insurance to renew their property and causality insurance plans with their current carries.

Although there was an increase of almost 5 percent, a portion comes from higher property values.  Most of the increase was in two buildings, the County Highway Garage and the Museum.  The Highway facility has been insured for $718,000 and its value increased to $1 million.  The museum’s current value is $1.6 million but with the addition of the two other buildings and the expanded use of the basement its value increased to $4.8 million.  It was suggested that real property appraisals be completed on both locations.

The General Liability and auto coverage increased to $191,418 while the Workers Compensation was proposed at $158,274.

The expiring premium was $410,149 with the new premium is $431,668.

The county commissioner took the recommendation and accepted the renewal.