Bruce Smith from Redwood Road was back in front of the Marshall County Commissioners Monday morning seeking additional answers to his various questions.

Prior to him reading his three page letter, Marshall County Attorney Jim Clevenger presented Smith with nearly a ream of paperwork.  Some of the information passed on to him included a copy of the Paser results for Redwood Road between 1st and Stanton Roads, the Highway Annual Report for 2013 and 2014 and the 2014 County Highway Budget.

Smith is still seeking information on the amount of property tax money collected for roads and information on what percentage of personal property taxes went to roads and if none, why that choice was made.  He also wants to know how much Gas Tax money was sent to Marshall County in 2013.  Additionally he wants to know Marshall County’s cost for the 7th Road project and even suggested a better light for the flag in the round-a-bout.

Additionally Smith wants to know what the county did with the $1.5 million dollars the state’s computer glitch sent to Marshall County in 2012.  He also is interested in the Rainy Day Fund and wants to know if there is a cap on the fund, a summary of withdrawals’ over the past 10 years and documentation of what events caused the money to be withdrawn.

As Bruce Smith read his opening statement he said, “Reading Mr. Clevenger’s letter is almost a joke. I expect an appropriate, accurate and non-evasive response from the attorney and commissioners.”   He also requested a hardship waiver again for all fees in order to receive copies of the documents he has requested.  Smith said, “I am a single parent with custody of my 17 year old child who earns $20,000 per year and receives no child support.”   The Commissioners suggested presenting verification of his financial situation.

(At the August 16th meeting Smith told the commissioners, “I bought a $65,000 car that I hate driving on that road.  I’ve got a $20,000 motorcycle that I don’t like driving on that road because the instability and the dust.”)