County News_logoDuring their meeting Monday the Marshall County Council took the recommendations of the Personnel Committee, make changes to job descriptions and pay in a couple offices.

Marshall County Recorder Marlene Mahler updated the job description of her first deputy by listing all the duties she does and then compared them to the first deputies in the Treasure’s and Assessor’s office. The council approved the job description and then approved a $.29 an hour pay raise brining the hourly pay to $17.20 matching the first deputies in the treasure’s and assessor’s office.

Prosecutor Nelson Chipman presented a job description for the Victim Assistance Coordinator formerly the Victim Assistance Investigator.  One of the new duties included in the job description is grant writing.  Although the county’s HR consultants recommended an hourly pay of $18.58 Chipman asked for $17.48 matching the same pay as the 4D Case Supervisor.  The County Council unanimously approved the recommendation of the personnel committee to accept the job description and the hourly pay at $17.48.

The final recommendations approved were job descriptions in Marshall Superior Court II for the Deputy Clerk of the Civil Division and the one for the Deputy Clerk in the Criminal Division