Heartland Gallery logoThe Gallery is hosting their 27th Annual Juried Heartland Artists Regional Art Exhibit from Oct. 6th through Oct. 30th. This is our first show in the new location at 101 N. Michigan Street in downtown Plymouth. We are displaying a wonderful and varied collection of art from artists in a four state area. David deVillier from Culver was the judge for Heartland’s Juried Show and his criteria for judging was: Creativity, Concept, Originality, Composition, Craft, and Presentation. David has studios in Sun Valley, Idaho and Culver, Indiana. When asked about art today, his response “Most of the new strides in art today include digital and mechanical media. However, I strongly believe no matter what the method or material you use, it is what your mind does with it that is

important.” He was asked if he had a favorite medium? He answered “I have no favorites, I work in many – paint, wood, metals and I started out in photography. I strongly believe an artist should be willing to take risks; push for more creativity and originality, say the same thing in a new way.”

David was also asked if any art or technique used in this exhibit was unique or different, his response was, “I thought Maurice Costello’s entry, “It Ain’t Rocket Science” rendered on a chalk board, complete with chalk and erasers, calling for viewer participation a very unique technique and medium. Also the gourd and clay piece by Sherry Benedict was a combination of simple and elegant.”

Heartland is proud to announce the winners of the 27th Annual Juried Art Exhibit: Best of Show by Josh Hozey with his acrylic titled, “Under Pressure.” First Prize went to Sherry Benedict with her gourd and clay titled, “Cat in the Vine.” Second Prize to Olga Orlovska-Soaltys with her reverse painting on glass titled, “World.” Third Prize for Maurice Costello’s entry titled, “It Ain’t Rocket Science.” Two Creativity Awards were given to Tim Tyree for his, “Mist of Shengdu”, an encaustic/bamboo piece, and Scott McKibbin for his photography titled, “Silent Angels.” There were four Merit Awards given to the following artists: Barbara DeLeu for her watercolor/mixed media titled, “Rhapsody in Blue,” and Dayle Brown with her watercolor titled, “Mangowa &Pirili,” Wayne Hostetler’s “Morning Blues” acrylic painting, and Ellen Ridenour’s, “Couleurs,” an encaustic painting. The Popular Choice Award will be given at the end of October after all visitors who view the Juried Exhibit place their own vote for their favorite.

The community is invited to the ‘Meet the Artist’ Open House Sunday, Oct. 11th from 1:00-4:00 at the Gallery. Artists’ awards will be presented at 3:00. Exceptional art can be viewed, delectable appetizers and desserts will be served, chat with the talented artists and you will have another art experience to be enjoyed.

Heartland Artists Gallery would like to thank the following individuals and businesses for their investment in the arts in Marshall County through their donations for this exhibit at Heartland. Prize Donors include: Marcia Price Art Fund through the Marshall County Community Foundation, Gibson Foundation, Christo’s Family Dining, Charles Capek, Millers Merry Manor, Bowen Printing, Plymouth Foundry, Fernbaugh’s Diamonds and Fine Jewelry and Heartland Artists Gallery. Other Donors include: Ev and Jayne’s Irish Inn, Jim and Chris Causey, Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd France, Mr. and Mrs. David Hogsett, Mrs. Judy Guild, Gary and Louise Amundson. Purchase Award Sponsors are: Plymouth Foundry, Randy and Eleanor Danielson, Fred and Lois Jones, Ren and Beverly Van Gilder, Dan and Laurie Balla, Montgomery Well Drilling, Dr. Tim and Sarah Smith, Phil and Sylvia Bieghler, and Brian and Becky Liechty.

Other news from the Gallery: The 5th Annual Christmas Tree Raffle Fundraiser will take place in November and the drawing on Dec. 5th. This year the “Winter Wonderland” will be the theme to decorate the six foot pencil tree with lights, and the coordinating 24” wreath and will be on display at the Gallery. Tickets can be purchased Oct. 6th through Dec. 5th at the Gallery or from Heartland Members. Heartland artists will make artistic ornaments typically in the media they work in. A special thanks to Laura and Kerri Bash for creating and spearheading this project each year!

Heartland School of Art, through the Gallery, shares a passion for art by teaching classes for all ages, kids to adults; everyone can be a student. There are over twelve classes scheduled through the end of this year. Art supplies can also be purchased through the Gallery Art Store. For more information visit the Gallery in downtown Plymouth or www.heartlandartgallery.com.

Gallery Hours: Tues – Sat. 10-4     101 N. Michigan Street in Plymouth    574.936.9515     www.heartlandartgallery.com


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Photography can not begin to show the vivid color, creativity and presentation of the art for the Heartland Artists October Show, it must be seen and experienced. These are snipits of the art and just a sampling of the incredible artwork displayed at Heartland’s 27th Annual Regional Juried Art Exhibit from Oct. 6th through Oct. 30th.

The community is invited to the Gallery, Sun., Oct. 11 from 1-4 to view the art, meet the artists and enjoy some delectable appetizers and desserts. Presentation of awards to the artists will take place at 3:00 on Sunday.