Bunches of Blueberries_Larry HollowayA Bunch of Blueberries in Marshall County is a simple concept with a large community impact. The purpose is to showcase local artists, build community partnerships and provide an artistic environment with memorable sculptures for visitors and residents.

The group is pleased to share the unveiling of four more artfully painted blueberries in Plymouth. Area artists have been adding the finishing touches and they are now ready for the public to view and enjoy.

On Wednesday, September 2nd they will unveil the following blueberries: At 9:30 a.m. Gibson will unveil their blueberry painted by Larry Holloway titled “BLUEprint” and the Sponsors are: Gibson, Art Jacobs, Brad Serf and Bob Sturtevant.

At 10:00 at River Park Square the blueberry titled “Golfing for Blueberries” painted by Jeff Stillson and sponsored by Plymouth Rock Golf Course will be unveiled. This is a unique blueberry, a golf ball on a wooden tee built by ITAMCO.

Bunches of Blueberries_gardenAt 10:20 at the 200 block of N. Michigan Street the “Garden of Flowers” blueberry painted by Carrolyne Babcock will be seen and the sponsors are Pilot News, Fernbaugh’s Diamonds and Fine Jewelry, Yoder’s Sports Center, Allison Kara State Farm Ins., King’s Jewelry and Robertson Cook Agency.

The Plymouth Municipal Airport will unveil a blueberry that is sponsored by an private donor at 10:50 and it is titled “The Blueberry of Flight” painted by Steve Weaver.

With this unveiling there are a total of thirteen oversized and colorful blueberry sculptures in our backyard. Previous blueberries revealed last year: Plymouth Dairy Queen sponsored “A Native Plant” painted by Valerie Jean Schafer. Heartland Artists Gallery sponsored the “Man on Blueberry Moon” and Maurice Costello was the artist. The “World of Opportunity” blueberry can be found at River Park Square, it was painted by the PHS Art Dept. and sponsored by Heiden Creative and Stillson Studio. “Building a Brighter Future” painted by Jeff Stillson is located at River Park Square and sponsored by Marshall County Community Foundation and United Way of Marshall County. Marshall County Blueberry Festival sponsored their own “Blueberries for Hank” painted by Larry Holloway and it is located at their corporate office on Jefferson Street. Marshall County Historical Museum hosts the “Tribute to Veterans, Active Soldiers & First Responders” painted by Steve Weaver with the following sponsors; The Remembrance Centre, Johnson Danielson Funeral Home, Claudia Button, Shirley Casbon and Heiden Creative. Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center sponsored two blueberries; “Faith” and “Fit” painted by Maurice Costello. The Plymouth Public Library is the location for the Tri Kappa, Plymouth Chapter blueberry painted by Jennifer Calhoun titled ”Celebrating 100 Years”.

Thank you to the following businesses who assisted in bringing these artistic blueberries to the public: Ozinga, Lincolnway Auto Body Shop, SRP Custom Graphics, Stillson Studio and Heiden Creative.

A Bunch of Blueberries would also like to thank all the individuals and businesses that invested and sponsored the blueberry sculptures. The group has donated $600.00 to the Boys & Girls Club of Plymouth in the past year.


You can follow them on the Facebook page – Marshall County Blueberries.