501_Candlelight_crowdAbout 200 people turned out for an impromptu candlelight vigil for Marshall County Sheriff Tom Chamberlin last night.

501_Candlelight_BorggrensAbout 9 Thursday morning word went out of the planned vigil.

501_Candlelight_County ISPWith the assistance of WTCA and social media the public joined with law enforcement officers from various departments in Marshall County and the surrounding counties, county employees and some of Tom’s family to honor his strength in fighting a big battle with cancer.

501_Candlelight_ladiesEveryone gathered on the Marshall County Court House lawn with some participants bringing their own candles and other grabbing up those provided.  The attendance was so great, there weren’t enough candles for everyone.

501_Candlelight_PastorAs those gathered shared the light from candle to candle a pastor from the Plymouth Missionary Church led everyone in prayer and invited anyone else present to say a prayer for Tom and his family.  Prayers were offered for protection, guidance and for a watchful eye over Tom.  Following the prayers everyone joined together singing Amazing Grace.

501_Candlelight_Starke CountyFollowing the ceremony officers gathered and headed north to do another light parade past Tom and LeAnn Chamberlin’s house.

501_Candlelight_small crowd