Prosecutor_droneThe Marshall County Commissioners gave their approval for Prosecutor Nelson Chipman to purchase two, quad unmanned aerial copters, more commonly known as drones.

After showing a short one minute video of the drone at work on the scene of the crash two weeks ago where the dump truck fell on a passenger vehicle Chipman explained the uses for the drone.  Not only can he use video if necessary in a court case for serious traffic accidents, the quality is excellent and so are the still pictures.  The drone can be used to battle drugs in the county and also following a disaster such as a tornado or flood.  The drone would be able to get aerial shots to show the true damage.  Chipman also noted that various agency in the county could be able to call for the unit.

His proposal includes two units with one being housed at the Indiana State Police Post in Bremen and the other unit at the Sheriff’s Department.  Each comes with the drone, three batteries and a carrying case.  The quote from Cops Gear in Columbia City also includes training for 12 pilots at a cost of $4,600 up to $5,000.

Chipman said he would use pre-trial deferral funds for the purchase along with $2,000 allocated from the Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Association from the Drug Prosecution Fund with the stipulation he justify the use of the equipment in the prosecution of drug cases.

The Marshall County Commissioners unanimously approved the request.