Triton Art masksIn celebration of Youth Art Month at Triton Jr.-Sr. High School, there is a display of artwork produced throughout the year in the art hallway display case and front lobby at the high school. All work produced in the art department can be viewed on the Triton school gallery at

The following picture depicts eighth graders showing off their mask creations.

Front Row: Lyda Scarberry, Tarynn Chase-Peterson, Madison Hurt Middle Row: Tony King, JoAnna McCoy, Ryan Kaufman, Delano Shumpert, Karianne Dunifin Back Row: Jordon Coons, Sasha West, Bryant Hanson, Christian Gentry, and Alica Baker

The Triton Jr.-Sr. High School art teacher is Diana Westphal.


Triton_Titan1Eight seniors representing Triton High School participated in their first “Titan Challenge” today at Bethel College. The Titan program is a Junior Achievement Program that seeks to help students understand the economics of running a business.

At the Titan Challenge, teams from area schools competed to have the most profitable business.  The Titan Challenge was sponsored by Teachers’ Credit Union.

Triton Students enjoyed the special refreshments and door prizes that were provided throughout the competition.

Triton_Titan 2Triton would like to thank Tim Harmon (of Harmony Press) and Ralph Mason (First State Bank of Bourbon) for teaching the program at Triton. Mrs. Claire Benge is the Economics teacher at Triton High School.

Pictured are: Chandler Leachman, Ben Waggoner, Andrew Chupp, Wes Williamson

Picture 2: Tristan Hunsberger, Bruno DeSouza, Lexee Lemler, and Lindsey Joh