Maggie_1Saturday was a day of training for the members of the Plymouth Fire Department. Both firefighters and EMS personnel were offered the opportunity to hone in on their driving skills by participating in an obstacle course.

Maggie_2The City’s insurance agency, Gibson and Bliss McKnight put the driving course together in the parking lots at Menominee Elementary. The challenging course included diminishing clearance, a wide and a tight slalom course, maneuvering though an alley situation, and backing into a tight space.

Dave_1Full-timers and volunteers were urged to participate in the driving skill course. Also those new to the force and those who have been on for years participated. Many times an EMT may never have had the opportunity to drive a fire truck and vice-versa with firefighters so on Saturday they all had a chance to attack the course in both types of vehicles.

Maggie_3Although Saturday was all hands-on, participants also had classroom instruction earlier in the week with the legal aspects and vehicle dynamics.

Dave_2Photos: EMT Maggie Tanner and Firefighter Dave Oldaker test their driving skills in opposite vehicles.