Last year, there were runners from four states involved in the Pride of Plymouth Bands Zombie Chase 5K!  The 5K run/walk course is set to go through Centennial Park’s paved and unpaved trails taking the participants through multiple “Zombie Zones” where you will be chased by costumed zombies.  The goal of the 5K is not to be the fastest runner!  The goal is to finish the race with a flag left on your “life belt” as zombies will attempt to steal your flags!   All participants will receive a participation medal and a photograph with the zombies at the end of the race!

What is the “Zombie Chase?”  The world as we know it is gone.   The Zombie Apocalypse has begun.   The only safe territories are the “Safe Zones” listed on the course map.  It will take more than speed to get you through this race!  You will need skill and teamwork to help you finish the course as a “survivor!”

Runners will have to use all of their cunning and wits to navigate the series of challenging obstacles and escape the horde of the undead waiting to claim you as one of their own!

Advance entry fee is $35 and the day of the chase it will be $40.

 Entry forms can be picked up in the PHS office or printed from the “Zombie Chase 5K” website:

Bryan Ames, Director of Bands at PHS said, “Join us for a great family fun activity on June 7th as you “Run for Your Life” to support the PHS Band and Orchestra!”