05/01/14 Plymouth Schools Superintendent Daniel Tyree readily admits he hasn’t taken very good care of himself over the years; however health concerns now are forcing him to be diligent to details. Tyree said he has been very open about the fact that he has kidney disease and will have to keep a regular schedule for his dialysis treatments.

He said, “I didn’t work out enough, didn’t pay attention to eating the right kinds of foods, and probably took too much ibuprofen over the years for headaches. It wasn’t good for my kidneys.”

As the recent news that he will be having surgery on Monday began to circulate throughout the community, Tyree responded. He said, “I will be having a procedure to have port put in so that I can have dialysis.” Although it is a private matter, Tyree knows that many have concern for him, and he is grateful for the thoughts and prayers of the community he serves.

According to Tyree, he will be able to perform dialysis treatments in his home and anticipates being able to continue his responsibilities with the school corporation as usual.

For those who are unfamiliar with dialysis, it is a treatment that cleans the blood. If one had chronic kidney disease 50 years ago and the kidneys failed, there was no treatment to save a life. Today many people, like Tyree, are able to have treatment at medical centers or in some cases, their own homes.

As for the future, Tyree said, “I am going through testing to be put on the transplant list at the IU Hospital in Indianapolis.”

Tyree said, “I discussed my health with the Board. They know the particulars and so does my family.

Carol Anders Correspondent