04/22/14 County Attorney Jim Clevenger updated the County Commissioners on the 7th Road Project.  The right-of-way acquisition is nearly complete with the county only waiting on a slight change in a court order from ITAMCO’s attorney.  It is expected to be signed this week and then filed in court. 

The commissioners approved the contract with INDOT for the federal funding agreement for the mitigation.  The agreement calls for a maximum of $184,800.  The contract will now be forwarded on to the state for approval. 

Clevenger also updated the Metronet Project.  The reciprocal licensing agreement with Saint Joseph Valley Metronet has been signed by the county and he is just waiting on them so sign and return it.  The easement agreement with South Bend from Ireland Road to the US 31 Coordiador was provided to Deputy Attorney Cheryl Green by USI for approval.

The interlocal agreement between the City of Plymouth and the County has been signed by the city and was approved by the county commissioners on Monday.  It will be presented to the County Council by approval at their May meeting. 

The memorandum of understanding with St. Joe County was signed at the commissioner’s last meeting.  Saint Joe County tabled action until their April 28th meeting.  Clevenger says he believes it will be approved at that time. 

The contract with CSU, Inc provided by USI for the installation of the conduit for the Metronet project is very simple and refers to the bid specs.  The commissioners approved the contract with CSU, low bidder on the project.