The sixth grade students at Triton Elementary took a field trip to Fort Wayne to the Junior Achievement Biztown facility. The students have been participating in a 19 lesson curriculum education program through JA Biztown. Throughout the program students are encouraged to use critical thinking skills to learn key economic concepts as they explore and enhance their understanding of free enterprise.


Students all took a hands-on approach to the activities and participated in a simulated community. Students developed a strong understanding of the relationship between what they learned in school and their successful participation in their business. During their visit, students learned the importance of community, teamwork, money management, banking, and responsibility. 

A special thank you goes out to all of the volunteers who took time out of their busy schedules to make this experience very rewarding for our students. (Mr. Riffle, Michael Walters, Jennifer Overmyer, Susie Mullin, Fonda Gladieux, Tiffany Reichard, Ciera Whybrew, James Eyrich, Rhonda Miller, Mark Marley, Jenae Krefy, Tabitha Felton)


(picture 1) The Triton Elementary sixth grade students are pictured at JA Biztown.

(picture 2) Students are pictured at the newspaper business in JA Biztown.  Left to right Rusty Reichard, Whytnie Miller, Skyla Wilson, Tiana Yoder, Maria Schwartz.