The first bunch of blueberry sculptures just arrived in Marshall County. The 3′ x 3′ dimensional blueberries have been molded, primed and delivered. Artists are picking them up now and will be creatively painting them. The blueberry has a bit of personality because it leans to the right on its side. We are anticipating these colorful blueberries will be painted, have acrylic coating applied and should be on the streets and in the parks by mid-May this year. 

The first round of blueberries are sponsored by Dairy Queen (placed at their location), Heartland Artists Gallery (placed in front of the Gallery on LaPorte Street), Marshall County Blueberry Festival (placed in front of their office on Jefferson), Heiden Creative and Stillson Studio (placed in the River Park Square) and United Way and Marshall County Community Foundation (placed in River Park Square).

If you are interested in sponsoring a blueberry, we are looking for our “Bunch of Blueberries to continue to grow. If you want to have a group of people or several businesses that would sponsor a blueberry together that is an option as well.

We have one blueberry that is going to be a joint effort with 1/3 of the expense covered that will pay ‘Tribute to our Vets, Active Military and First Responders’. We are looking for others who might want to donate to that cause as well. We anticipate ordering the next bunch of blueberries by mid-May so they can be painted and placed in our area by mid-summer. This is an ongoing process, thank you for all the enthusiasm, 

Thank you to the following groups who are endorsing this community effort – The City of Plymouth, Plymouth Chamber of Commerce, Marshall County Tourism, Heartland Artists Gallery and Heiden Creative. If interested applications can be picked up at the groups endorsing this effort (listed above) or if you have any questions please call Shelley Heiden at 274.4376 or visit our Facebook Page – Blueberries in Marshall County.