Just a reminder that you may hear the warning sirens activated in your community today as part of the communications test for severe weather preparedness week. The test will occur twice today once between 10:15am and 10:30am (EDT) and again between 7:30pm and 7:45pm (EDT) tonight. If you own an emergency alert radio it should also activate during both tests.
In a real severe weather situation, the sirens will be activated if a funnel cloud or tornado are observed and reported to the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department. The sirens will also be activated if a tornado Warning is issued by the National Weather Service.
The tone for a severe weather warning is a constant high pitch tone lasting approximately 3 minutes.
Just a reminder, outdoor sirens are intended to be used to alert people who are outside that severe weather is occurring or about to occur and they need to seek shelter indoors.
Please take some time today to discuss and review your family emergency plan should severe weather strike.
If you would like additional information on severe weather preparedness, please contact the Marshall County Emergency Management Agency at 574-936-3740.