03/14/14 Monday evening Jim Baldwin from the Plymouth Rotary Club appeared before the City Common Council seeking permission to hold an Antique and Collectibles Show on Michigan Street in October.

Baldwin said the club would like to close Michigan Street between Washington Street and LaPorte Street from 6 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Saturday, October 11th so vendors can set up their booths on the street.  He said they anticipate antique dealers, collectors and even a section where local families can set up a garage sale. 

The Rotary Club is hopeful the local merchants will participate with related activities and the restaurants will be open to serve food to participants and visitors. 

Rotary hopes to make this an annual event as a major fundraiser for Rotary’s charitable activities in Plymouth.  They also believe if could become an annual visitor attraction after the Blueberry Festival inviting visitors back to the community. 

Although the City Council doesn’t have the power to close Michigan Street because it is controlled by the state since it’s State Road 17, members did support the event.  They did question whether the downtown merchants had been contacted and Baldwin said, “Most of the merchants are happy about it.”