03/14/14 Triton Elementary School is approaching the end of the year field day a little differently this year.  Each teacher will have a “family” team composed of a few students from each grade level (K-6) to compete in the end of the year celebration event.

On that day, teams hope to have matching shirts, win medals, and have fun with their school “family”.  This cross-age grouping is allowing all of the older students to have a chance to lead and help younger students.  The younger students are also making friends with older members of the Triton Trojans. Between now and the end of the year, the “families” will have a series of meetings with special “get-acquainted” activities designed to help students develop new social skills.  

If anyone is interested in financially sponsoring one of these “teams”, please contact the Triton Elementary School office at 574-342-2355.


Pictured are members of Mrs. McFarlands group: Logan Meeks, Dylan Cottril, Dante Workman, Ana Lemler and D’Angelo Shumpert.