02/19/14 The 2014 legislative session recently reached its halfway point. Bills passed by the Senate will now be considered in the House of Representatives while the Senate will take up bills passed by the House.

Our Senator, Randy Head said, “In the first half of session, the Senate passed bills to make Indiana a better place to live, work and raise a family.” Some of those bills approved by the senate include:

  • SB 330 which targets some of Indiana’s college financial aid and job-training dollars specifically to help adults participate in education programs leading to high-wage, high-demand jobs.
  • SB 91 withdraws Indiana from the nationally created Common Core state academic standards and requires the State Board of Education to approve new Indiana-specific standards.
  • SB 264 supports school improvement by authorizing bonuses for Indiana’s best public school teachers if they take a job at a low-performing school and
  • SB 85: helps local schools afford first-class security personnel by allowing them to receive state grants for the training of school resource officers.

Senator Head said, “I’ll continue to update you about these bills as they move Chamber Photothrough the legislature.”  He also said he looked forward to your feedback.