09/19/13 The Weidner School of Inquiry in Plymouth High School was proud to invite local Civil War re-enactors to launch the next project for the integrated English and US History course titled American Perspectives.

  Re-enactors Eric Anderson, Ted Shafer, and Jerry Smith joined American Perspectives Facilitators Jeff Corso and John Kozlovich in dressing the part of the Union soldier. Corso and Kozlovich invited Anderson, Shafer, and Smith in the hopes of illuminating the realities of life, loss, and the hardships of the Civil War soldier and Antebellum family.

  WSOI Learners experienced the living conditions, routine drills, and regimented clothing of the time: “The presentation granted our learners, a unique hands-on opportunity, to understand the everyday existence of the common soldier.” Kozlovich stated. As the project progresses, the learners will write plays, create set and costume designs, and present their final products to a panel of theatre authorities, re-enactors, and local historians.