09/17/13 It has become a yearly tradition for Monkeys and More to visit Miller’s Senior Living community during National Assisted Living Week.  Ed and Annette Parzygnat hail from Chicago, Il and present their Monkeys and More Exotic Animal Rescue as an educational program for people of all ages to learn about animals and their natural habitats.  Through a fun, hands-on approach, the Parzygnat’s urge their audience to observe and leave animals in the natural habitats and to not try to make “pets” out of a wild animals.

Young and old alike were spell-bound by the animals presented during the Monday evening program at Miller’s.  Through the course of the evening children and adults were invited to touch, pet or feed Tommy the tortoise, Ajax the Capuchin monkey, Larry the lizard, Pat the rabbit, and Terry the tarantula.  The only animal the audience was not allowed to interact with was Lisa Marie a seven year old chimpanzee.  Lisa Marie was a definite crowd pleaser as she demonstrated her skills of using utensils while eating her supper; but, because of her strength and size the crowd is not allowed to pet her or touch her. 

The interactive program allows the children to shout out answers to questions about the animals.  It also teaches the difference between monkeys and great apes (monkeys have tails) and turtles and tortoises (turtles dwell in the water).  They learned that lizards smell with their tongues and tarantulas love to eat crickets.  The crowd was also surprised to learn how long some of these animals can live.  Tommy the tortoise is 30 years old.  Ajax the Capuchin monkey is 35 years old, balding and looks at Ed and Annette as his parents and trusts them very much.  

To learn more about Miller’s events that are open to the public call Anna Corbett at 574-936-9801.  To book Ed and Annette’s Monkeys and More Exotic Animals call 773-376-0812.


J   Jack Bickley, great-grandson of Miller’s resident Lucille Heydt, pets Tommy the Tortoise with Annette of Ed and Annette’s Monkeys and More from Chicago.