9/17/13  Triton School Superintendent Donna Burroughs announced the Puff Mobiles project for 3rd grade students in Mrs. Strycker’s Science class.  This project is an opportunity for children to think out of the box and use their minds in a scientific way and produce a, Puff Mobile made out of straws, paper, life savers for wheels and other items found around their home. The children created a moveable car that could be modified in design to make it go faster and to enhance its mobility.  On Friday, September 13th teams were allowed to present their Puff Mobiles as well as race them across the gym floor.  The Puff Mobiles were powered by having students blowing air behind their mobile unit in order to cross the finish line.

After all teams participated in the race, four teams advanced to the final round.   The number one team was able to physically get their car across the finish line first but unfortunately had to be disqualified due to not following the constraints of the design criteria. The 2nd place team was named overall winner in the first round for their design competition as well as the time winner.  Teammates were Trace, Alex and Barre.

The 3rd grade class plans to hold another race on Thursday, September 19th.

Superintendent Burroughs said, “Just remember, everyone can think a little deeper and be more creative.”

 Additional pictures can be seen on the class webpage www.mrsstrycker.weebly.com.