09/12/13 Residents and volunteers of Miller’s Senior Living Community enjoyed an outing at Potato Creek State Park on late last month.  A group of eleven traveled to tour the state park and enjoy a picnic in the serene wooded setting.  The park was quiet, however the group noticed as the day progressed, campers began arriving to begin their Labor Day weekend a bit early.

Highlights of the ride around the park included the watching the osprey nests, the vivid, colorful flowers and butterflies, a loan blue heron standing at the waters edge, learning about the Porter Cemetery inside the park, visiting the nature center and simply enjoying the sight of the green foliage against blue skies filled with fluffy white clouds.

Photo:  Residents and Volunteers of Miller’s Senior Living Community enjoyed a day at Potato Creek State Park:  Mary Cooper, Tracy Wilson, Juanita Stapan, Mary Probst, Mary Spitler, Mary Ellen Triplet, Myrna Daube, Vern Matthew and Autumn Wilson.