09/11/13 Methamphetamine is a highly addictive and physically damaging drug that not only affects the user but our communities as well. An alarming statistic by the Indiana State Police showed in 2012 officers disposed of 1,726 Meth labs that had been seized by various police agencies around the state. This number is a substantial increase from the 2011 report of 1,437 Meth Labs.

At the end of 2012 Marshall County was ranked 9th in the State of Indiana with a report of 42 seized Meth labs while the 2011 reporting showed 41 labs in the county.  Since 2001 meth labs have increased and decreased in Marshall County.  In 2001 there were 5 labs located and in 2002 only 3.  From that point on the number begin to rise substantially with 16 labs in 2003, 28 in 2004 and 51 in 2005.  The numbers then took a slide back with 46 in 2006, 28 in 2007, and 41 in 2008.   In 2009 Marshall County was number two in the state with 83 meth labs.  2010 had that number dropped to 53 while 2011 was 41 and last year 42 for the county. 


The Top 10 counties in the state during 2012 ranked in at number 1 Madison County with 96 labs.  Number two was Vanderburgh County with 81 labs followed by number three Delaware County with 62 labs.   Monroe County is fourth on the list with 60 labs with Decatur County following right behind with 59 labs.   Sixth in the state is Bartholomew County who is tied with Knox County with 53 labs.  Numbers seventh, eight and nine on the list of counties in 2012 were Howard County, Kosciusko County and Noble County who all tied with 47 labs. Elkhart County was eighth with 46 labs and Marshall County was 9th with 42 labs.   Rounding out the top ten for 2012 was Tippecanoe County with 38 labs.


The Indiana State Police Post in Bremen has three of the 2012 Top Ten meth labs.  They urge citizens to being aware of your surrounding and involved in your community, this will help to increase these statistics.  If you notice suspicious activities contact your local police department.