09/10/13 The City of Plymouth has been working with the railroad on Oak Drive since last winter for issues with the crossing.  In July Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt told member of the Board of Public Works and Safety that he was working with the rail road to schedule a time to make the necessary repairs.

During an onsite visit in early August the railroad determined that repairs were going to be more extensive that originally expected.   The project will now require the removal of the rails, a check of the ties and a fix for the drainage problem.  Due to the amount of work to be completed the railroad asked for a total closure of Oak Drive while they complete the work.  The railroad indicated that the project would take about a week to complete with a total shutdown of the roadway.  If Oak Drive had to remain partially open the project would be extended to three weeks. 

  The City Street Department announced the total closure of Oak Drive at the railroad crossing near Bomarko and Zentis beginning on Thursday, September 12th and continuing through Thursday, September 19th.   

The railroad track crossing will be totally closed for 8 days.  There will be detour signs set up for the southbound traffic at Markely Drive to use Western Avenue to Plum Street to Harrison Street or West Jefferson Street.  Northbound traffic will turn west at Jim Neu Drive to Pioneer Drive and then use US 30 to come back to Oak Drive.

  Last Friday the Plymouth Street Department delivered 50 notices to industries that would have truck traffic using Oak Drive for shipping, warning of the week long street closing.