09/04/13 Mil-tek Indiana is in the business of making waste management more efficient. Their work was on display over Labor Day Weekend at the Marshall County Blueberry Festival, Indiana’s largest four-day festival, which draws crowd of 500,000 annually.

Mil-tek, one of the festival sponsors, worked closely with Republic Services and the festival “Green Team” to sort, compact, recycle and remove approximately 4500 pounds of cardboard and 1100 pounds of plastics. By comparison, this is equivalent to six 12-yard Dumpsters.

The equipment used to accomplish this incredible task is a brand new waste management and recycling concept to the American market. Mil-tek balers are air-driven (no hydraulics), meaning the footprint is very small in both power consumption and space. Mil-tek USA leads the world in supplying these air-driven, low maintenance, cost-efficient balers and compactors.

Mil-tek is taking opportunities now to show Michiana what this new solution can do for recycling and the environment, and how outgoing trash can be reduced by 50%.

Please feel free to contact Mil-tek anytime for more information or visit the website at www.miltekusa.com.