08/30/13 New grants for the care of Indiana’s water bodies totaling $768,500 have been awarded through the Lake and River Enhancement (LARE) program, part of the DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife.

The LARE program funds biological, engineering, construction and watershed land treatment projects throughout the state.       

The projects involve 14 counties and more than 25 different lakes or rivers. Local sponsors submitted the applications and commit to sharing a portion of the total cost. DNR’s share is generated by the Lake and River Enhancement fee paid annually by boat owners to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The LARE grants allow for the completion of projects that would be difficult for most local organizations to fund on their own.

Sister Mary Baird from Ancilla said Lake Galbraith received a LARE Grant in 2012 with the funds used for a feasibility study and design of a shoreline stabilization project.  This year Ancilla received a $50,000 grant that was awarded for the construction project to stabilize the shore line and the construction of some rain gardens. 

The shore line stabilization project will use several procedures to stabilize the shoreline of Lake Galbraith including the planting of native vegetation, placement of rocks and the tapering of the bank. 

Rain gardens are used in slightly depressed areas that catch rain water runoff.  The area is lined with mulch and planted with plants that can tolerate the water.  The rain water is then allowed to seep through the ground slowly rather than running off.  Sister Mary Baird said all of the buildings at MoonTree have rain gardens with them