08/30/13 Ancilla faculty and staff gathered the week of August 19-23 to participate in a number of professional development and fellowship activities.

Ancilla colleagues met each day in preparation for the new school year.  First day events included speeches from the President Dr. Ron May with the State of the College Address, a welcome from the Faculty Senate Chair Dr. Tom Buchanan, and a welcome from the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ provincial leadership, Sr. Dr. Judith Diltz, previously an English professor.

It was a month’s worth of professional development and briefings packed into five days.  The whole time was focused on making the great things we do even better.  The dinner with the board was a fantastic time for college leadership and employees to unite in spirit and mind before this new year of ministering begins,” said Sam Soliman, HEBBS Division Chair at Ancilla College. 

Dr. Eileen Dial of Holy Cross College presented a seminar on Critical Thinking to help faculty further engage students at the college.   A highlight each year is the Faculty, Staff, and Board member dinner which took place Wednesday, August, 21st at Swan Lake Resort.

 “With this preparation and resolve, I have no doubt this year’s work will be profoundly fruitful as we serve and educate students,” Soliman said.

Ancilla College (www.ancilla.edu) is a Catholic, liberal arts, Associate’s Degree college in Donaldson, Indiana, sponsored by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ.