08/29/13 Argos High School is celebrating 50 years of high school soccer this Friday (8/30) with JV/Var games at 5:30/7 pm against Faith Lafayette.

They have invited the 1963 team back for a presentation. Argos and Culver Military Academy formed the first high school soccer teams in Indiana.


The Argos basketball coach at the time wanted a fall sport to keep the boys active, and Argos didn’t have the numbers to add football like so many schools were doing. Talking with colleagues at Culver Military Academy, he realized they had a large international population desiring to play soccer. So soccer came to Indiana. The two schools set up 4 games and had clinics put on by club teams at Notre Dame and Indiana. They added 3 more teams in 1964, and things grew from there.


Argos was the first recognized conference champion (1969), and the first State Champion (1973).


A basic schedule for Friday night is the JV game at 5:30. Between games there will be a presentation of the 1963 players, and a word from the first Coach, Ralph Powell. The Varsity game will start between 7 and 7:15. There will be a bonfire with food for all in attendance following the games.