08/27/13 John Yeager, the Author of Smart Strengths was at Triton Elementary to give a presentation to the Educational Professionals I class of Triton High School. This class is teaching High School Students the ins and outs of Education and preparing them for the field of education. The Teacher Interns took the Strengths VIA (Values In Action Inventory). Superintendent Donna Burroughs explained, “The Strengths VIA Process helps students identify and activate their own strengths, and helps your students capitalize on their assets in school.” She continued, “Strengths offer the first pathway to greater engagement, greater achievement, and greater well-being in teachers, students and parents.”

The objective of this class was to focus on helping Triton students identify, build, and leverage their strengths—the things they do well—as opposed to solely concentrating on deficiencies.  SMART Strengths will provide simple and practical strategies to bring out the best in Triton Elementary Teacher Interns and the students for more productive and better connected classrooms and flourishing athletic teams. This includes activities to help students harness their strengths for higher achievement.

The Triton Educational Professional Class is off to a great Start. James Eyrich, Jennifer Overmyer, Jenae Kreft, and Cierra Whybrew have been involved in lengthy discussions on key educational issues, discussed Ruby Payne’s Framework to Understanding Poverty, observed administrative duties, and observed administrative conferences. They will embark on an observation of every classroom teacher of Triton Elementary. In the second semester, Teacher Interns will receive the invaluable experience of being placed within a grade level to gain knowledge about the teaching profession and what it has to offer. While engaged in these activities these Triton High School Students will receive college credit through Ivy Tech as well as high school credit for their efforts.

Pictured are students: Jenae Kreft, James Eyrich, Jennifer Overmyer, and Ciera Whybrew with presenter, John Yeager.  Educational Professionals teacher, Susie Mullin, is seated in the back.