08/23/13 The Reynolds-Topeka Electric System Improvement Project has announced selection of the final route. 

This six year project will strengthen Indiana’s electric system and provide improved access to wind and solar renewable energy sources through the construction of a new 100 mile electrical transmission line that will connect NIPSCO’s substation in Reynolds, IN to the Burr Oak, IN substation and Hiple Substation near Topeka, IN.

After two rounds of public hearings, the first in February where NIPSCO presented the public with the Study Area and the second round in July where property owners who may be affected by the proposed routes gave their feedback to the project team for consideration of the final route selection.  Considerations the team looked at consisted of location to homes, farms, irrigation systems, churches, recreational areas, existing towers, the terrain, and sensitive areas such as family burial sites.

NIPSCO has selected the final route and has begun the process of notifying landowners who will be impacted by the project.  Letters are being mailed to the property owners that explain the next step in the process, being contacted by a right-of-way agent who will be soliciting for right of entry permission to get on the ground and check first hand for the site selection.  Prior to this NIPSCO has only been able to look from the air or roadway.  Having the opportunity to actually walk the route may lead to some slight modifications in the proposed route.  The right of entry only allows NIPSCO representative to be on your property, you are not agreeing to any acquisition at this point.

The time-line for the project shows acquisition of right-of-way for the construction of the towers to begin in late 2013 and construction to begin in late 2014.  To see detailed maps of the route you should visit www.reynoldstopeka.com.