08/20/13 The Marshall County Commissioners approved a contract with Quality Correctional Care for medical services for inmates in the jail. During Monday’s meeting Lisa Scroggins, co-owner explained services they will proved to the county for inmates in the correctional facility. 

Quality Correctional Care will provide a full-time nurse 40 hours a week and a visit from a doctor weekly.  The company also has a traveling dentist that will come to the jail and can do fillings and extractions.  They are also equipped to do blood draws and x-rays at the jail thus reducing the number of opportunities for inmates to get out of the jail.  Quality Care will also provide mental health service to officers.   They also will have documentation of services provided to each inmate reducing the county’s risk for a potential for civil liability law suit. 

Scroggins said they are providing services to 18 counties and are saving them money by negotiating off-site medical services and prescription costs.  The cost to the county is $10,916.67 monthly.  Sheriff Chamberlin said he would be paying for the remainder of this year using his commissary fund. 

Currently the county is receiving medical services from IU Health.  The current agreement has a 30 written out clause.  The county attorney was directed to send a letter IU Health and terminate their services as of the end of September.